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7 Figure Soda Shop

No need to re-create the wheel. We have a Blueprint for Soda Shop Success!

I bet you are here because you are intrigued by these “fancy Fountain drinks” & delicious cookies shops popping up that make getting these goodies conveniently through a drive thru easy and fun. And want to bring something like it to where you live.


Well let me tell you, not all Soda Shops are created equal! And not all of them have the same amount of success. It isn’t as easy as it sounds to actually make a living running one, but we have perfected the process and are here for you!


We operate & Manage several extremely successful Soda Shops in the Phoenix metro.

We manage over 50 employees & create and bake all of our own multi award winning cookies.

We have developed amazing loyal followers who identify as a collective group known as our #SodaRushers they have bonded together as a community during times of fundraising & giving back to local families in need and organizations we trust. 


In a world where 60% of restaurant style businesses fail, we not only have had great success amid some extremely trying times, but we have been able to donate substantial amounts back to those in need while bringing Joy to our customers.


Our hiring / training & staff development processes CHANGES LIVES. We teach So much more than mixing sodas and baking cookies, they literally learn life skills and are given a safe place to belong, grow and make a difference in the world.


And YES it may sound silly, but we believe that a soda shop can actually change peoples lives for the better! When you create not just the best drinks and treats, but that you ensure a positive  experience with each visit the 3 min a mom spends in our drive thru can change her whole day if she is feeling appreciated, important and loved and we have developed this kind of service within our shops!


Along with all of the fun and fulfillment, we have painstakingly developed fail proof procedures that when followed save time, loads of money & your sanity while you build a Successful business.


We can show you how to cut out waste and unnecessary costs while operating and know how to help those awesome sales numbers fall more fully to the bottom line so you are personally rewarded monetarily while bringing this amazing treat experience to your community 


So if you have been looking for something meaningful to add to your community, family  and lives and think that a fun, delicious and rewarding Soda Shop may be it. We would LOVE to help you create your own brand of 7 Figure Soda Shops!


We have built the blueprint for you and can save you costly mistakes. Just send us your info to learn more, we are here to cheer you on!

Ready to create your own 7 figure Soda Shop?

Click the link below to send us your info!

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