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If you are clicking this link today….

You must be one of our valued and true #SodaRushers!!!! THANK YOU for your interest (or curiosity) about a franchise with us!! 


Whether you are local to our current shops, have been in the past and now wish you were closer or only admired from afar we are happy to have you peek inside what it would take to own your own SodaRush or CookieRush!

IG Franch. Marketing.png

For over 6 years we have been growing our amazing brand SodaRush as a family.

We have poured all our love and energy into this brand and our amazing #Rushers!!! Our original plans were to grow the business personally on a corporate level but as we have seen the amazing impact being in the shops does for each shop we know we cannot be everywhere at once! (Especially when we are about to welcome sweet baby #7 to the family anytime!)


So that opens up the option to YOU to join our SodaRush Family and help us grow this brand to its full potential.


Not all Soda Shops are created equal, and we have always aimed to be the Best!


The Best Sodas, the Best Cookies, The best customer service! We feel we have accomplished this and documented the processes so we can share them with you!

It is these processes and procedures that have helped us not only look successful from the outside, but actually ensure true financial success and growth despite crazy times & fierce competition. We know what we have is special and we Cannot Wait to share it with a select few of you!


Who are we
Looking for?

Soda Loving, entrepreneurs who have a strong desire to not just be their own boss and thrive with a proven concept, but to use the opportunity to better the community around them, by giving back and quite literally change lives as you hire and train new young employees in not just the SodaRush way, but in being better humans. I can not think of a more needed thing in this day and age. (Except adding the BEST Soda & Cookies to fuel the journey!)

Where are we franchising?


(Yes, Hawaii and even Alaska that means you! ;-) We have a few locations in Maui already scoped out if anyone wants to claim those! Ha ha

What is Required?

That depends on the concept you choose. We have three options actually!

The SodaRush & CookieRush brick and mortar brands have the same requirements, and we can go over which is right for you, your area and your chosen location.

These shops require a 25k Franchise fee, and proof of $300,000 in capital to be considered.


We also have the SodaRush Truck option for Franchising! This is a less expensive starting point, although we recommend it in addition to your own physical shop for convince and co marketing.

This has a 20K franchise fee and proof of at least 50K if you are leasing the truck, or 125k if you prefer to purchase the truck outright.


Once approved as a franchisee potential with an area identified, 10k will secure your chosen area until you can find and lease your actual location. 


**All of these details and more are included in our Full Franchise Disclosure Document we will send to you if you are truly interested.

What is the difference between a SodaRush and a CookieRush location?

Glad you asked! In theory they are the same. The biggest difference will be forward facing customer branding and image. CookieRush locations inside the Phoenix Metro will be the same as SodaRush location and carry all of the same products. CookieRush locations outside the main metro will have optional or smaller menu options as well as the option to… shocker, Not have a drive thru! Something I thought never would be an option as we Love the drive thru, but with the new concept with curbside pickup for all our #Rushers with carseat kiddos we are confident we can still serve our customers the way we need to while also making the acquisition of properties (our current barrier to growth) a thing of the past!

Are you ready to hear more or start the approval process!?!

Well Hooray!

Please fill out the form here:

And we will get back with you soon to set up the next steps.

What is the Process?

  1. Fill out the form

  2. Have a brief intro phone call with Jim & Amber to see if you are a good fit for the brand and that your area is right for our concepts.

  3. Receive and review the FDD (Franchise disclosure document)

  4. Provide Proof of Finances

  5. Have a longer phone call to confirm the best concept for you and answer any additional questions.

  6. Pay the 10k to lock down your area.

  7. Find a suitable location

  8. Start the process of creating something So Deliciously Amazing in your community!


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